About Lakeside Prenatal Massage

Stephanie Swarts


Find Your Balance

Hi, I’m Stephanie Swarts, registered massage therapist, and founder of Lakeside Prenatal Massage.

My mission is pretty simple: TO HELP PREGNANT WOMEN FEEL BETTER!

I’ve been a massage therapist since 2008, but after the experiences of giving birth four times at home with professional midwives, I felt drawn to specialize in prenatal massage. I know how important it is to find a self-care routine that relieves stress and physical discomfort, and it is my desire to help make life for pregnant women a little bit easier.

Over the years, I have served as an RMT in a variety of practices around Norfolk County. Currently, I work from a private home-practice in the town of Port Rowan near Lake Erie, Long Point.

In 2022, I took the Maternity Massage Specialist Training Course with EXPERTS of massage therapy for pregnancy, labor, and motherhood. Using proper equipment and knowledge to confidently handle high-risk and low-risk pregnancies, my goal is to help women feel good, hurt less and sleep better.

I am a Raindrop Technique practitioner, trained to use Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils by Young Living. With over a decade of experience using these oils, I love to incorporate them into treatments for the benefit of the client’s health. I have Birth Doula training (I do not currently work as a Birth Doula). I am a fanatic about healthy living, eating well and working with my naturopath or other health professionals to be and feel my best. I have a strong passion for children and volunteer regularly in children’s programs at my local church.

Here at Lakeside Prenatal Massage, I love to facilitate my warrior mamas to feel stronger and calmer on the beautiful journey of motherhood.